Wind Farms

On the ESB Grid fibre to the windfarms:

  • ICL have the ability and can provide a service of taking the fibre optic element of the project from the main contractor, build, test and document the installation to ESB Networks standards and return it to the main contractor ready to hand over to the client first time
  • ICL has the skills required to install the fibre optic cable, complete the track splice enclosures and the communications cabinet build to ESB Networks standards to ensure a fit for purpose and robust network infrastructure
  • ICL understands the requirements of the telecommunications link installation as set out by ESB Networks to be utilised for the telecommunications link between the IPP Substation and the designated ESB node
  • ICL can supply the ESB specified fibre optic cable
  • ICL can supply the ESB specified components required for track joint splicing
  • ICL can supply the ESB specified components required for completing the substation communications cabinet

On the IPP LAN fibre within the windfarm campus’ ICL have and can provide the material and skills required to terminate and test the fibre optic network infrastructure used to provide connectivity between the turbine units and main monitoring equipment.